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Sui Generis - Vignettes 9-10

Title: Finally Together & Blown Away
Fandom: AU
Characters/Pairings: Morasca/Alexie
Rating: PG & R
Genre: Romance// Romance/Comedy
Warnings: None//Adult content
Description: Anna and Alexie decide to make it official//Anna and Alexie, on their one-year anniversary, decide it's time to take it to the next level
Author's Note: Very AU. Spin-off/backstory for AU fic Sui Generis started by gusthemoose. Because she's evil. Final installment of my AU mini-fic series for these two. I only own Anna Morasca.

Becoming officialCollapse )

First love, first timeCollapse )


Title: Busted
Fandom: Law and Order: CI
Characters/Pairings: Morasca/Logan, VanBuren, Morris (OC)
Rating: PG
Genre: General
Warnings: None
Description: After a scuffle, Anna has a request. Craptastic writing.
Author's Note: Very AU, based on stuff happening in an AU RP. Morris and Morasca belong to me. For my evil twin soulmate, since she told me to write it. ;)

Got a minute, lieu?Collapse )

50 Sentences: 41-50

Title: 50 Sentences
Fandom: lawfulorder
Characters/Pairings: Morasca/Alexie, Logan, Nada Hoffman
Rating: PG
Genre: Romance/Drama/General
Warnings: None
Description: 50 one-word prompts about my favorite pairing; I added pictures for the hell of it
Author's Note: gusthemoose started it. This is what I have completed so far so I'll post five separate sets for this as I complete it.

Set 5: 41-50Collapse )

Set 1

Decided to post something other than fanfic! So I've scanned about 75% of my sketchbook over the last 3 years and I'm gonna post some of them in sets.

Set 1: Colored Sketches
Life in colorCollapse )

So Shaken As We Are

Title: So Shaken As We Are
Fandom: lawfulorder
Characters/Pairings: Morasca/Alexie
Rating: PG-13 for violence
Genre: Drama/Action
Warnings: Violence, slight dark!fic
Description: A shootout at NYU puts Anna's skills to the test as she sets out to defend the man she loves and see justice done.
Author's Note: Italicized segments between paragraphs are from 1984 by George Orwell

Fear corrodes his senses, leaving him to his numbers and his math.Collapse )


Title: Trouble
Fandom: Law and Order: CI/ Law and Order: SVU
Characters/Pairings: Viviano/Goren, Morasca, Logan, Novak, Tutuola, Eames, Stabler, Wheeler, Ross
Rating: PG for the H-E-L-L word
Genre: Humor
Warnings: None!
Description: Football, Gossip, and Fun at the summer picnic!
Author's Note: Next installation of the Annoy!Anna/General fanfic war with gusthemoose! I own Anna only, usual disclaimers, blah blah blah.

Summer Winds

Trouble aheadCollapse )

Coming Back

Title:Coming Back
Author: toxic_shadow
Fandom: Law and Order: CI
Characters/Pairings: Morasca/Alexie, Viviano/Goren, mentions of Eames, Logan, Wheeler, Ross
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Drama/Angst
Warnings: Dark!fic
Description: It was the phone call she dreaded, but fear won't stop her.
Author's Note: Continuation of the dark!fic war with gusthemoose and rikku_cheerio. I own Anna Morasca, usual disclaimers, etc.

Devils and Dust

I'm coming backCollapse )


Title: Gone
Author: toxic_shadow
Fandom: Law and Order: CI
Characters/Pairings: Morasca/Alexie, Viviano/Goren, Nada Hoffman
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Drama
Warnings: Dark!fic
Description: Bobby's schitzophrenia finally consumes him and leaves two of the women he loved most in pieces.
Author's Note: I own Anna Morasca, not part of the lawfulorder gamelore, etc. Third installment of Bobby dark!fic started by rikku_cheerio. Dark, angsty, etc.

Untitled - the fic that started it all
What Remains By gusthemoose.

It was a moment of clarityCollapse )

Damn you Kris and your Bobby!angst. XD

One of Us

Title: One of Us
Author: toxic_shadow
Fandom: Law and Order: CI/lawfulorder
Characters/Pairings: Morasca, Velucci, Logan, mentions of Olivet
Rating: R for mature content
Genre: Drama, AU
Warnings: Dark!fic, mature content
Description: This girl was a zombie - until the mask cracked and she became a child again.
Author's Note: Next installment of the fic war with gusthemoose! I only own Anna Morasca and Kyle Velucci, usual disclaimers, etc.


It's the ultimate controlCollapse )

Under My Skin

Title: Under My Skin
Author: toxic_shadow
Fandom: Law and Order: CI
Characters/Pairings: Morasca, Logan, Barek, Wheeler, Ross, ADA Kent, Chesley Watkins
Rating: PG-13
Genre: AU/Drama
Warnings: Spoilers for To The Bone and Season 6
Description: Logan's forced to let Chesley Watkins go a second time. Morasca takes things into her own hands.
Author's Note: AU, I own Morasca only, this has nothing to do with lawfulorder game lore, etc etc etc. I wrote this half-asleep at 2 AM so its low-quality.

Monsters don't listen to motherCollapse )